I use my homelab to provide a number of services for personal entertainment, reference, security, and productivity.

Version Control

Powered by Gitea

Content Delivery Network

Powered by DigitalOcean

Plex Media Server

Powered by Plex

Secure Secret Vault

Powered by Vaultwarden and Bitwarden

Virtual Private Networking

Powered by Firezone and Wireguard

Single Sign-On

Powered by Authelia and lLDAP

Cloud Platform

Powered by Nextcloud, Diagrams.net, and OnlyOffice

Other parts of the stack

Reverse proxy using Nginx (soon to be Caddy)

HTTPS encryption using LetsEncrypt and Certbot

Procedural backups using Borg

Clustering and load balancing using Docker Swarm (soon to be Nomad and Podman)

Highly available network storage using Gluster

Network-level ad blocking using AdGuard

Platform automation using Ansible and RunDeck

Platform operations using RockyLinux, Fedora, and LineageOS