I use my homelab to provide a number of services for personal entertainment, reference, security, and productivity.

Version Control

A local version control system grants complete control of writing and programming projects.
Powered by Gitea

Content Delivery Network

A small set of specific files, always available.
Powered by DigitalOcean

Plex Media Server

Plex is a media management and streaming platform for sharing my movie, TV, and music collections with friends and family.
Powered by Plex

Secure Secret Vault

Secure encrypted storage for passwords, financial records, and other sensitive data.
Powered by Bitwarden

Minecraft Server

Find one person with a homelab that didn't start out by running a Minecraft server and I'll eat my hat.
Powered by Minecraft 1.16.5 JE

Platform Automation

System management, configuration enforcement, service deployments: all with a single command.
Powered by Ansible


Work in Progress
Powered by Drone

Knowledge Base

Work in Progress
Powered by Unigraph

Service Status

Work in Progress
Powered by Uptime Kuma