Ethan N. Paul

Who I Am

Well that's a complicated question to open with. How do I sum that up into a nice, neat blurb for the internet? I can start with some simple easy to categorize attributes, that seems to be the usual approach.

I was part of the WPI Class of 2017 and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. My job is completely unrelated to my degree: I work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Starry, Inc. I like hiking, mechanical design, and literary theory. I'm a Type-1 Diabetic, I have a SolidWorks Professional Certification, and have accidentally flipped over very-nearly every time I've ridden in a canoe (bonus fact: I don't like canoes very much).

What I Like

Oof, and I thought the last section was difficult. I don't like talking about myself, in case that wasn't obvious. Shoot, that's more of a personal detail, should it have gone in the last section? Whatever, moving on.

My interests are somewhat varied and changing all the time, but consistently my main interests are in solving problems and learning about how other people solved problems. I like the Python programming language, the history of 19th and 20th centuries (particularly related to industry), and figuring out how to keep older cars working well past their intended retirement date. I also like books! The Foundation Trilogy (Isaac Asimov), The Great Gatsby (F.Scott Fitzgerald), and Chaos Walking (Patrick Ness) are some of my favorites.

What I Do

Ok this is the easy one, I do lots of things! I volunteer with Minds Matter Boston as a youth mentor and give unnecessarily enthusiastic tours at the Boston Metropolitan Waterworks Museum. I also work on a few open source software projects, try to travel when and where I can, and constantly find new things to break fix on my car.

Interested in volunteering in the Boston area? Both Minds Matter and the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum are looking for new volunteers! Click those links to learn how you can get involved!

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Contact Me

Send me@enp.one an email or feel free to reach out some other way!